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Adventure Activities

Adventure lovers have lots of options to select from a broad array of activities to conduct at this destination. Trekking to Gyan peak can be joined at a spot near the resort. In this region which is wooded with dense forest, there is a chance of sighting wild animals of the region. The exclusive wild animals mostly seen here are Blackbuck and the beautifully shaped Leopard.

Sunset spot

A panoramic view of sunset can be enjoyed from this spot at the resort. The serene surroundings of resort are an invitation to nature lovers and best venues for mediators. The beauty of this place can be experienced in the morning, by listening melodious chirping of the birds and enjoying the fresh cool breeze. The height at which this resort is located offers a great feeling of standing amidst clouds.

The various options of adventure activities which can be joined here include Trekking, Para Gliding and Boating etc.

  • Trekking - Among the popular destinations of Uttarakhand, Bhimtal is well-known as the best trekking destination. Bhimtal valley welcomes adventure lovers with various adventure activities to be enjoyed, including many hot spots for trekking. The trekking opportunities are concealed at various locations like Pine Riviera located at fourteen km from Bhimtal, which is supposed to be the ideal place for camping. While trekking up and down this location one can capture scenic views of the valley. Trekking can also be enjoyed near Bhimtal Lake, which is surrounded by dense forest and nature’s bounty.
  • Para Gliding - Para Gliding can be best enjoyed at Naukuchiatal, which is located at just four km from Bhimtal. This beautiful hill resort referred as paradise for gliders is surrounded by green forests and a tranquil lake located in the middle of unending lush green fields. The fun of paragliding can be best enjoyed here and you can float like a bird freely under the blue skies, catching glimpses of the surrounding beauty of this region.
  • Boating - Boating is another recreational activity to be enjoyed at Bhimtal Lake which is much bigger than Nainital Lake and supported with best boating facilities. Boating amidst crystal clear water of the lake, which is surrounded by a panorama of mountains covered with green forests and a beautiful island at the center of the lake. It doubles the pleasure of boating in the lake. While moving in a boat catching a glimpse of surrounding beauty of the hills and valleys is just an unforgettable lifetime experience.
  • Horse Riding - This is one of the most popular adventure activity attracting tourists to the region. Horse riding can be best enjoyed at Bara Pathar in Nainital, which is around twenty five km from Bhimtal. Horses can be hired at Bara Pathar on hourly basis which take you through beautiful trails enveloped with splendid natural beauty. The amateur riders are accompanied by a horseman, whereas experts can take a ride on their own risk.
  • Cycling / Mountain Biking - There is lot of scope for exploring the beautiful region surrounding Bhimtal either by cycling or with the help of a Bike. Cycles and Bikes of good quality can be hired at Bhimtal, for going on a ride of the nearby area. It offers you total freedom to move around as per your wish.